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Guerrilla Marketing
Mr. Andrew Silberman & Mr. William Reed

July 2003

The July 2nd seminar was attended by a mix of company presidents, executives, students and professionals. The seminar featured Andrew Silberman, President & Chief Enthusiast for AMT Group and William Reed from Guerrilla Marketing Genius who gave us an entertaining and informative presentation regarding 'Guerrilla Marketing'. The presentation was capped off with an original song by Andrew Silberman. Some highlights of the presentation are below.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?
The wind (traditional marketing) and the sun (guerrilla marketing) challenge each other to get a man who is wearing a jacket to take it off. The wind blows harder and harder, but the man only holds on to his jacket more and more tightly and feels uneasy. The sun, on the other hand, turns up the heat a little and the man removes his jacket to make himself more comfortable.

Guerrilla Marketing means pulling people in, not pushing them like traditional advertising. There are 100 Guerrilla Marketing tools and 60% of them are free.
"Instead of investing money in marketing, you invest time, energy and imagination." - Jay Conrad Levinson

Why Guerrilla Marketing?

Everyday, whether we like it or not, we are blasted with a blizzard of marketing messages: 3,500 marketing messages per day, 24,000 per week, 1.27 million per year. For a company it takes an average of 27 exposures to get noticed. Without a massive advertising budget how can you get your product or service to stand out.

Key points during the seminar:

1. 30 Second Marketing Message
“The purpose of a sound bite is to catch your listener’s attention. It is a verbal business card to deliver when you’re introduced to new people. Your sound bite is your ‘elevator speech, Ea snappy self-description that you can rattle off in the time it takes an elevator to rise from the lobby to the fifth floor. EWhy 30 Seconds? Well, in an era of mass advertising, the attention span of the average listener has been conditioned by the tv commercial. Can you make your pitch in 30 seconds?

2. 16 Guerrilla Marketing Competencies:

Intentionality, Sensitivity, Aggressiveness, Assortment, Follow-up, Measurement, Enthusiasm, Niche, Marketing Plan, Internet Marketing, Relationships, Giver Stance, Outstanding Service, Imagination, Marketing Partners, Consistent Action
Based on the Guerrilla Marketing Competencies, track your efforts over the next 4 weeks and discover where you need to refocus your efforts.

3. Guerrilla Marketing Genius

For the latest tools, techniques and 24-hour access to world-class coaching William Reed has started Guerrilla Marketing Genius. http://www.gmarketing-genius.com

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