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DECEMBER 2005 - Summary
"Starting and building a Successful Company with no Money "
Amir Ayalon & Jeff Char

NOVEMBER 2005 - Summary
"When Preparation Meets Opportunity "
Brian Nelson

OCTOBER 2005 - Summary
"Global Entrepreneur's Toolkit:
Proven Techniques, Tools & Tactics "

Jim Hunter

SEPTEMBER 2005 - Summary
"Cleaning up the Market
Dyson Japan"

Gordon Thom

JULY 2005 - Summary
"Enhancing Website User Experience to
Boost Sales"

Fujiyo Ishiguro

JUNE 2005 - Summary
"Venture Funding for Small Businesses"
EA-Tokyo's 2nd Anniversary

Hitoshi Suga & Mike Alfant

MAY 2005 - Summary
"The Past, Present & Future of Google"
Norio Murakami

APRIL 2005 - Summary
"Saying Yes to Japan"
Carl Kay

MARCH 2005 - Summary
"Environmental Edge Powering Towel Company Turnaround"
Motoi Tsubouchi

FEBRUARY 2005 - Summary
"Taking on the Competition Against All Odds"
Bob Eberhart

DECEMBER 2004 - Summary
"Tohato Revitalization "
Joe Hemmi

"ewoman's secret to success"
Kaori Sasaki

OCTOBER 2004 - Summary
How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur in Japan
Naota Hamaguchi

SEPTEMBER 2004 - Summary
LIfe in the Metropolis
Mark Devlin

AUGUST 2004 - Summary
Entrepreneurial Flair Leads Maverick to Succeed in Style
Rick Roa

JULY 2004 - Summary (NOT AVAILABLE)
"A Passionate Brew - The Tully's Coffee Japan Story "
Hitoshi Suga

JUNE 2004 - Summary
"What Does it Mean to Create Value? Creating Value for Customers and Owners. "
Panel: Tim Williams, Lance Lee, Jeff Char

MAY 2004 - Summary
"eigoTown: Making a Consumer Website Work in Japan "
Russell Willis

APRIL 2004 - Summary
"The ABC's of Entrepreneurship"
Kerry Kennedy

MARCH 2004 - Summary
"Starting A Business Without Capital"
Ruriko Nomura
FEBRUARY 2004 - Summary
"Keeping Six Inches of Water Above Your Head"
Mike Alfant
DECEMBER 2003 - Summary
"5 P's To Drive Your Business - Passion, Perserverance, Professionalism, Peak Performance, Paradise!"
Ann C. Sado
NOVEMBER 2003 - Summary
Lance E. Lee
OCTOBER 2003 - Summary
Paul Goldsmith
Caroline Pover & Yuriko Miyazaki
AUGUST 2003 - Summary
Terrie Lloyd
JULY 2003 - Summary
"Guerrilla Marketing"
Andrew Silberman & William Reed
JUNE 2003
Allen Miner

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